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The Way of the Future: Smart Home Automation

A kitchen and dining area with numerous light fixtures.

The Top Reasons Why Smart Homes Are Taking the World by Storm

According to the Digital Market Outlook, the number of smart homes in the U.S. in 2017 came to about 35.4 million. By 2025, that number is expected to reach over 77 million. For those of you who have yet to experience smart home automation, you may wonder why the incredible growth. For those who have delved into smart home living, the answer is obvious. 

Smart homes offer once unimaginable ease of living. They bring beauty, enjoyment, and security. The truth is, once you experience a smart home, it’s hard to imagine living without this modern technology. 

Let’s explore why smart home automation is taking the world by storm and how it’s transforming homes in Brookhaven, GA.

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Effortless Control of Natural and Artificial Light

A smart home transforms how you control light. Instead of getting up to raise and lower the shades or turn on and off the lights, you possess one-touch control of your lights and smart window coverings via an elegant in-wall keypad, tabletop control, hand-held remote, or mobile device. When the sun’s glare disrupts your computer screen, one touch lowers the blinds in one room or throughout your home.

Smart homes, however, offer more than simple control; they also meet your needs automatically. For example, when the sun starts beating through the southern windows, your shades automatically lower, eliminating solar heat gain, lowering energy costs, and reducing the effect of damaging UV rays on flooring and furniture. At the same time, your lights adjust to the changing level of light. 

The Ultimate in Entertainment

You can control your entertainment, climate, and security from this same home automation platform. There are no longer numerous remotes for TVs and stereo equipment. Now, with one touch, you can choose the AV source and the room you want to hear it in, including your home theater. You can also select your whole home, allowing you to watch the big game on every TV or enjoy one beautiful melody throughout your home and yard. 

Our certified technicians can install nearly invisible in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that offer high-fidelity sound throughout your home, whether watching a movie, engrossed in a game, tuning into a podcast, or enjoying your favorite streaming playlist. Satellite landscape speakers off this same incredible experience in your outdoor areas.

Preset Scenes

At Advanced Premises Systems, we take the time to understand your lifestyle and what smart technology could make a significant difference in you and your family’s daily activities. Then, we program customized preset scenes. 

For example, if you regularly have friends and family over, we can program an “Entertain” button. With one tap, the indoor and outdoor lights settle into the perfect hue and temperature, your “Party” playlist streams through your home, and the doors unlock to welcome your guests. When it's time for bed, press the "Good Night" button, and the lights dim, the AV equipment turns off, the doors lock, and the alarm arms.

At Advanced Premises Systems, we’ve provided customized smart home solutions that provide ease of living and enjoyment since 1999. To learn more about smart home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Advanced Premises Systems today.

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