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The Perks of Professional Smart Home Installation

 A man sitting in his living room looking at his smart come control app on his smartphone.

Embrace Easier Living with Advanced Premises Systems

Is the smart technology lifestyle something you’re considering? At Advanced Premises Systems, we show homeowners how smart technology can transform their daily living experiences. This includes giving them greater convenience and less stress throughout the day. If you’re on the fence about investing in advanced technology solutions, continue reading to learn about the perks of professional smart home installation and how our team can help make your transition to stress-free living as seamless as possible.

In Atlanta, GA, our skilled professionals are ready to guide you through choosing the right technology to align with your lifestyle. We partner with cutting-edge brands we trust to provide our customers with a great smart home experience. 

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Those Magic Changes: Switching to Smart Lighting Solutions

Lutron’s Alisse wall keypad on pink wallpaper.

How Lutron Lighting Control Improves Your Home 

In this modern day and age, you wouldn’t use a boxy tube TV, would you? Not when there’s sleek 4K TVs on the market. And you wouldn’t use an old, clunky computer when there are much faster, sleeker Macs and PCs available. 

Everything changes with time: clothing, hairstyles, even food trends. So why are we still using the same lighting systems we grew up with—especially when much better solutions are available? 

Smart lighting systems transform the lighting experience with simpler, more convenient, and customizable options. A sophisticated lighting controller like Lutron allows you to control the entire house in unison, adjusting the appearance of your lights anytime. 

Let's dive into the benefits of Lutron’s smart lighting solutions and explore how they can transform your Atlanta home. 

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How Smart Home Automation Improves AC & Climate Control

Discover how climate control automation enhances comfort and efficiency in your Alpharetta, GA, home through temperature sensors, motorized shades, and voice control.

A More Convenient, Eco-Friendly Way to Keep Cool 

That hot, humid summer air—it’s all too familiar for us in Georgia. Air conditioning is a must here, and if you’re looking for a better way to keep your house cool, let us introduce you to climate control automation. 

Smart home systems like Control4 and can do many things: play music, control lights, and monitor security devices. But modern smart homes also offer incredible climate control features that make staying cool easier and more energy-efficient. 

Here’s how climate control automation can benefit your Alpharetta, GA home! 

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