All About Ketra: The Brand That’s Perfected Smart Lighting

A kitchen illuminated in three different ways by Ketra smart lighting.

Answering All Your Questions About Ketra Lighting 

Every industry has its low-end and high-end options. Take wine, for example. You can easily find bottles of wine for under $10 at a nearby liquor store. But if you’re a wine connoisseur, you’ll seek out bottles made from best growing practices and terroir. 

Whether you’re shopping for clothing, computers, or even a haircut, there’s always a range of quality choices. And the same applies to smart lighting. So if you’re curious about lighting control to enhance the atmosphere of your Georgia home, you may be wondering which lighting brand is the best.

While you’ll find off-the-shelf smart bulbs at stores like The Home Depot or Target, these DIY solutions are not sophisticated enough for total home control and customization. For the best results, you can trust the brand that even professional lighting designers use: Ketra. 

What’s Ketra? Below, we share all you need to know about Ketra lighting, so you can create a stunning environment in your Buckhead home. 

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Why Ketra? 

Ketra is a true pioneer in smart lighting, with dozens of patented inventions that make it stand above the competition. No other lighting product is as customizable and intelligent as Ketra, allowing you to choose from up to 16 million colors at any moment. And you can dim the lights with pinpoint precision, finding the perfect brightness level as low as 0.1 percent. 

Plus, Ketra lights are built with sensors that compare the lighting output to the expected color, making adjustments automatically. The color you select on the app will be accurately reflected in real life, and you can sync colors across rooms or the entire house. The technology is so advanced that when you make a command, you can guarantee that Ketra lights will respond instantly and accurately. 

What Is Human-Centric Lighting? 

Natural light is crucial for our mental well-being. But today, many of us spend most of our time indoors under artificial lighting, which can disrupt our circadian rhythms. 

Ketra smart lighting can be used to combat the negative effects of artificial lighting by automating lights to mimic the appearance of sunlight, gradually adjusting throughout the day. In the morning, lights will shine cool and bright, but by evening, they’ll dim and shift to a warm, cozy hue. 

What Is Warm Dimming? 

People love to dim the lights to set the mood. But if you’re dimming cool-white lights over the dining room table, that won’t exactly feel like candlelit romance. 

Warm dimming is a feature that both dims and warms your lights simultaneously. So when it’s time to change the mood from daytime productivity to an intimate evening, your lights will set for the perfect ambiance. 

What Are Lighting Optics? 

You can control not only the color and brightness of Ketra lights but also the width and hardness of light beams. That’s lighting optics! 

For instance, if you want general ambient lighting from your ceiling lights, you’d create a wide flood light to bathe the room in brightness. But to illuminate a specific object, like a bouquet of flowers or a sculpture, you’d narrow the beam of light for more focus. 

How Is Ketra Controlled? 

You’re never stuck with only one way to control Ketra smart lights. Ketra is compatible with Lutron lighting and Control4 smart home systems so that you can automate lights through the app on your phone or tablet. We also install customizable wall keypads that activate buttons like “Morning” and “Dinner,” adjusting the mood to your liking. If you’re a fan of voice control, tell your voice assistant to dim the lights, and Ketra lighting will instantly respond. 

Would you like to learn more about Ketra smart lighting and how you can get started in your Buckhead home? Contact Advanced Premises Systems, a certified Ketra installer! 









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