The Way of the Future: Smart Home Automation

A kitchen and dining area with numerous light fixtures.

The Top Reasons Why Smart Homes Are Taking the World by Storm

According to the Digital Market Outlook, the number of smart homes in the U.S. in 2017 came to about 35.4 million. By 2025, that number is expected to reach over 77 million. For those of you who have yet to experience smart home automation, you may wonder why the incredible growth. For those who have delved into smart home living, the answer is obvious. 

Smart homes offer once unimaginable ease of living. They bring beauty, enjoyment, and security. The truth is, once you experience a smart home, it’s hard to imagine living without this modern technology. 

Let’s explore why smart home automation is taking the world by storm and how it’s transforming homes in Brookhaven, GA.

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