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Imagine organizing a dinner party, guests are due to arrive at any moment and your home is completely dark and uninviting. With Lutron you don’t need to run around the entire house setting each individual light to the proper level, you simply press the one button labeled “Party” and your home instantly converts into a beautifully lit place that is warm and welcoming to your guests.                        


Another source of light that many people do not take into account is the sun. Yes, Lutron can control that as well by using motorized window treatments.  With the push of a button you can lower or raise your blinds to darken or brighten up a room.  Motorized window treatments can also help control the temperature in a room. In many homes and high rise apartments the sun can generate an excessive amount of heat, causing extremes temperatures and damaging furniture and art work. With Lutron your motorized window treatments can be adjusted at the touch of a button or they can automatically adjust themselves depending on the amount of light or heat coming into the room. Lutron makes it easy and intuitive. 

Home Automation solutions by Advanced Premises are designed to be simple and reliable. Our Home Automation solution is based on the Lutron Control system. Lutron is a proven manufacturer that was founded in the late 1950’s and has been designing and manufacturing rock solid Home Automation Products for over 50 years.  With Lutron you can easily control your lights, air conditioning and window treatments through their easy to use App; through any of their many different style keypads; and now, even through the Apple Watch. 


Finally Lutron can make your home more secure. It is an established fact that a properly lit home will help prevent crime.  Lutron will automatically turn on your exterior lights after dark and turn them off at sunrise.  Should the alarm system go off, Lutron can automatically turn on all the lights in your home scaring off the would-be intruder.  Lutron can also make your home looked lived in while you are on vacation by randomly turning on lights inside the home giving the appearance that someone is home. If you arrive home after dark a single button push from your car will light a path from the garage to any room in the house. Never arrive to a dark home again.

Home Automation Made Simple. TM

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