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The Perks of Professional Smart Home Installation

 A man sitting in his living room looking at his smart come control app on his smartphone.

Embrace Easier Living with Advanced Premises Systems

Is the smart technology lifestyle something you’re considering? At Advanced Premises Systems, we show homeowners how smart technology can transform their daily living experiences. This includes giving them greater convenience and less stress throughout the day. If you’re on the fence about investing in advanced technology solutions, continue reading to learn about the perks of professional smart home installation and how our team can help make your transition to stress-free living as seamless as possible.

In Atlanta, GA, our skilled professionals are ready to guide you through choosing the right technology to align with your lifestyle. We partner with cutting-edge brands we trust to provide our customers with a great smart home experience. 


6 Factors to Consider When Installing Outdoor Smart Lighting


Learn which options to consider for your home when seeking to install outdoor lighting

Elevating your property or your outdoor spaces is effortlessly achievable by implementing landscape design that integrates outdoor smart lighting. Outdoor smart living represents advancing home illumination technology, blending convenience, efficiency, and aesthetics seamlessly for your Atlanta home.

Advanced Premises Systems offers a comprehensive range of services, including smart home automation, security systems, audio/video integration, and energy management solutions for Georgia homeowners. 

Lutron Installers Use Shades and Drapes in Stylish Home Upgrades

Photo is of an elegant dining room with motorized shades.

Learn the options for custom shades throughout your home. Modernize your space today!

Known for its innovative and high-quality products, Lutron has been at the forefront of smart home technology for decades. One of their standout offerings is their range of customized motorized shades and blinds, which add a touch of elegance to any space and enhance convenience and energy efficiency!

At Advanced Premises Systems, we are trained and certified Lutron installers. We install motorized shades and drapes in various colors, designs, and textures for homes across Atlanta, Georgia. If you’re considering upgrading your home this year, now is the perfect time to plan!

Why More People Are Incorporating Home Theater Design

A casual home theater with a sectional, Sony projector, large movie screen, and a pool table.

Create Spaces for Entertainment and Fun!

Do you know one of the main reasons homeowners make space for a home theater? Like many people, you may think it’s the incredible images and immersive surround sound that leave them spellbound. But in actuality, it’s something much closer to the heart. 

Today, there seem to be a million things vying for everyone’s attention. Between social media and searching on the internet, the younger generations spend, on average, about eight to over 10 hours a day online.

Building the tradition of a family movie night appeals to many as a way to create uninterrupted time together. A home theater takes that experience to the next level. You’re no longer struggling to get the kids together. Now, your kids are waiting for you.

At Advanced Premises Systems, we’ve been involved in home theater design for 25 years. We’re just as excited now as we were at the start, creating spaces that bring families together. 

Let’s explore a few design considerations in today’s home theaters and how to integrate them into your Atlanta, GA, home.

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