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Bring Your Dreams to Life with Today’s Home Theater Design

A home movie theater with a Sony projector and a large movie screen depicting snow-covered mountains.

A Home Theater Consultant Explores Every Detail

Are you ready for the ultimate home entertainment? If so, you’re probably considering adding a theater to your luxury home. Thanks to today’s technology, these audio-video powerhouses can deliver the same immersive cinematic experience as the best movie cinemas in Chastain Park, GA.

Of course, everyone’s vision of the ideal home theater looks a little different. Some incorporate gaming chairs, areas for appetizers and drinks, and a pool table in the corner. Others are strictly designed for the movie-watching experience—the one that takes you to another world and leaves you spellbound for a few hours.

Do you want the big screen experience or a more relaxed atmosphere with a 4K QLED TV that disappears when not in use? Are you looking for the big, bold statements with high-fidelity loudspeakers, or do you appreciate the in-ceiling and in-wall speakers that retain your home theater's aesthetics while delivering the surround sound that engulfs you? 

We know it's a lot to consider. And we haven't yet discussed the myriad of options in lighting, ambiance, acoustic paneling, and seating. As a home theater consultant serving the Atlanta area for over 20 years, we know the many intricacies that go into creating a home theater that exceeds your expectations. 

Let’s explore some of the reasons people begin this adventure and why they turn to Advance Premises Systems for their home theater needs.

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The Best Viewing Experience

A commercial movie theater rarely offers you unhindered sightlines. Even if it's just someone walking past to grab some more popcorn, in that instant, you've lost the connection, the cinematic wonder that left you enraptured. 

With today’s movie screens designed uniquely for your space and the 4K HDR laser projectors that deliver breathtaking images, you’re guaranteed an immersive movie-watching experience. 

Directed Surround Sound

While a commercial theater may have a hundred speakers or more, these are rarely fine-tuned and calibrated for every seat in the venue. As a result, some viewers find the sound effects extremely loud, while others miss part of the dialogue.

With the latest surround sound and object-based audio, the movie engulfs you. You're no longer in your seat but in the center of the scene. Through strategic installation and calibration, we ensure every person in the room experiences a brilliant cinematic soundscape.

Select Your Content

How often does your family go to the cineplex in town? For many, it’s a rare occasion and only when a show they really want to see is playing. Thanks to movie servers like Kaleidescape and the ever-growing number of streaming services, there’s never a shortage of movie options to view in your own home theater. 

Whether you want to watch the big game, enjoy your current Netflix series, relax in high-fidelity sound, or gather with the family for Friday movie night, the world is your oyster when the best theater in town is in your home.

At Advanced Premises Systems, we pride ourselves on providing unsurpassed workmanship and exceeding our clients’ expectations. To learn more about the many possibilities in home theater design or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Advanced Premises Systems today.  

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