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Advanced Premises has been designing and installing residential and commercial security systems for over 14 years. Our security systems are designed to be easy to use, reliable and provide the latest in residential and commercial security technology. In keeping with our tradition of offering products that deliver the best value we have teamed up with Honeywell to provide a complete line of security and automation equipment for your home or business. And with packages starting at $499.00 we can design a system to fit almost any budget. 

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Honeywell Security

Our Honeywell system is Total Connect ready; with Total Connect you can access your security system remotely via your smart phone, it can send you email or text messages on various events and it can be easily configured using the Total Connect web portal.

With the addition of the automation package you can also control your lights, air conditioning and door locks remotely via your smart phone. The Honeywell system can also act as an energy management system. For example, your lights can be turned off and the air conditioning can be set back automatically when the security system is armed in away mode. This is especially useful in commercial applications.

Providing maximum security is our goal. We design our security systems with several layers of protection to detect a burglar at the earliest point possible. Our exclusive perimeter detection system can even detect and warn an intruder as soon as he approaches the property.

If you are considering a security system please call us for a free evaluation. We can design a system that is reliable and easy to use while providing a better value than systems offered by your cable provider, internet provider or large security companies.

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